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Professional and specialised English


The Octorial course serves the needs of the professional because the small class sizes and the collaborative learning environment allow for training in specialised English.

The skills delivered by the course will give you:

  • Familiarity with public speaking
  • Techniques to help your fluency and confidence in spoken performance such as giving instruction or expressing opinion
  • Practice in understanding a wide range of content and adapting to different styles and registers. Use of Skype and telephone for clarity in virtual meetings.
  • Problem solving in international groups to develop the skills of leadership, project management and cross-cultural collaboration.
  • Mastery of writing a range of documents such as emails, letters and reports.

In addition you will be given:

  • A detailed needs analysis for your professional objectives and regular milestone reviews
  • Independent research projects for focus on your personal professional objectives
  • The option to take the BULATS online business English exam to give you an external qualification

For this option please choose ‘Professional Confidence’ when making your course application