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Cultural enrichment

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Experiencing the culture of a country is intrinsic to learning the language and Oxford is a city which is famously rich in culture.  As students explore Oxford and the UK, they discover new language which is deeply rooted in the history and the culture of the location.  Our comprehensive cultural programme is carefully designed to enable students to maximise their opportunities for lingusitic and cultural development.

School lectures and workshops on specialist subject areas, including talks on history, art, literature and economics, allow students to develop their listening, comprehension and speaking skills and develop the ability to express opinions in English on a broad range of topics.

Regular events include:

  • walking tour of Oxford
  • tour of Balliol College in Oxford
  • literary Oxford
  • visit to the Natural History Museum and the Pitt Rivers Museum
  • school lunch shared with students and teachers
  • visit to the University of Oxford Botanic Gardens

These events are included in the course programme.


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In addition, students can use their weekends to explore other parts of the UK which are all within one hour’s journey of Oxford:

  • Shakespeare’s birthplace at Stratford upon Avon
  • Blenheim Palace in Woodstock
  • Central London for theatre, architecture, museums and shopping
  • The villages of the Cotswolds
  • Windsor and Eton
  • Hampton Court